1) Why Duple was born

2) How does it compare to the likes of Nextcloud, OwnCloud, a NAS, etc?

1) Why Duple was born

Duple was born out of personal need.

I (Greg) was a Dropbox user. I loved the product for its great functionalities and ease of use. After all, a great cloud product that works well is awesome. But I got fed up with Dropbox.


Because there’s a major problem with Dropbox: There’s no privacy. These providers store, handle, process your files. That means you’re not in control of your data.

I, as many people do, want to own my data. After looking for a long time, without success, for an alternative solution to Dropbox that offered me the same ease of use while not compromising my privacy, I got tired and started to develop the solution I wanted for myself.
And as Louis and I started to notice a lot of people were interested in it, we decided to commercialize it.

We believe that part of what makes Duple awesome lies in its simplicity of usage. By simplicity we mean that everything is done so that anyone can use it. It just "works". No complicated installation/setup, no server needed. Plug and play.

What do we call a "cloud"?

“Cloud” is a very broad term that is very often used without any clear meaning. We use “cloud” to mean a full Dropbox-style solution: store, access from anywhere, sync, backup, share files.

When people hear "private cloud" they often think of the likes of Nextcloud, or ownCloud, to name a few. So it's only natural that before committing to Duple you may want to know what we do that is different from these other products. Below is a list we've compiled of other solutions in the private cloud market with further description on how we're different and why we provide something more.

If you're already a user of one of these solutions or are currently looking for one, then that means you're already on the right track to privacy, so that's good news! All these solutions are good in the sense that they take part in promoting more privacy for users and that's great. We share this view as we believe that privacy and ownership of data is a fundamental right that everyone should have.

As I (Greg) gave up Dropbox and other similar solutions for reasons mentioned above, I started looking for an alternative in the private cloud market, that gives me the privacy and ownership of data I was looking for, while still maintaining the ease of use I loved from Dropbox.
As I started using different private cloud solutions, I quickly understood why most people don’t use them and experienced a lot of pain points.
That is when I decided to develop the product I was so desperately looking for but could not find myself.

These solutions are an enormous pain to install and set up. They require significant efforts, IT expertise and time to set up, they’re very far from being plug and play solutions. Even I, as an IT expert, refuse to use this. Imagine what the average user thinks of this!
You could go for hardware based cloud, but they're super expensive. You also get a lock in problem, they lack important features, and they're not plug and play.

Duple is plug and play, doesn't require a server nor any expensive hardware, and works like a full Dropbox. Simple and private.

2) So.. how does Duple compare to...


-Nextcloud requires significant efforts to set up and configure (you can take a look here). It's just not for the average user.
-Plus you need a server with Nextcloud which requires resources and you need powerful machines. What we have with Duple is a full private Dropbox, no complicated installation, no server needed. You just plug your storage anywhere and it works.


-Similar to Nextcloud, ownCloud requires lots of installation and is very far from being an out of the box tool than anyone can you use.
-You also need a server with ownCloud which requires resources and you need powerful machines.
-Another important point is that ownCloud is not a backup solution.


-A NAS is a very expensive piece of hardware. That's a big turnoff.
-Since it’s hardware based, that means the user depends on that specific piece of hardware, which also means a lock-in problem.
-These solutions require configuration, they’re not plug and play products.
-A NAS doesn't really work like a full Cloud.

What we have with Duple is a serverless private Dropbox. You just plug your storage anywhere and it works. There's no lock-in.

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