If you want to join the beta program, click here. If interested you can read this blogpost before doing so.

We want you guys to have the best experience possible during this beta period and are looking forward to engaging with all of you on a regular basis.

A lot of work has been done to finally reach this stage. As you probably know, we’re a bootstrapped startup so far.

The beta version of the app is available to download and use for free.

However, for those wanting to enrol in the beta program, get special support, and get a lifetime discount, we ask for a symbolic monthly contribution of your choosing during the beta testing period: it's up to you. In return for your contribution and feedback, we will offer you a 70% lifetime discount on the monthly price of Duple once the beta ends (it will be a monthly subscription model) as a thank you, as we want you to get a great deal for being an early customer. It is very important for us to have dedicated and serious people in this beta, and we have decided to let you choose the amount you want to pay monthly for Duple during this beta program period. If you want to join the beta program, click here.

Why do we ask for a symbolic monthly contribution for the beta program?

1) Symbolic gesture: someone willing to put at least 1€ per month is someone showing a minimum of commitment to the project.

2) Validation of our product: people willing to pay - whichever the amount - validates the idea that Duple can be commercialised. We see this period as a process of business validation as well, and we need people to pay for the service so we know that it’s something to continue with.

3) Avoiding “incentive traps”: we don’t believe paying beta users is a good idea, as it can create undesired incentives to join the program (the focus switching from the product to the money, the product may get false praise, user’s feedback loses objectivity and authenticity,…) . It is important to have people committed.

4) It is also a way for us to get honest feedback about whether you would purchase our product. And if you wouldn’t, that’s totally cool.

5) Every little helps! We're a bootstrapped startup and a little contribution is much appreciated and helps us move forward!

We understand you may want to see Duple in action first. That is why for those not wanting to pay at first, or at all, you can just download the app and use it for free. If you then want to participate in the beta program and want to be part of this exciting adventure, click here, and/or send us an email at beta@duple.io for more info. From then on we'll be in touch on a regular basis and take feedback from you, in exchange you'll get special support from us, and we'll happily reward you with a 70% lifetime discount.

We’d love to get to know you; let us know if you’d like an introductory call with us (e.g. Skype). That’s entirely up to you. In any case, we want to keep you engaged as much as possible and interact with you on a regular basis. It is very important for us that you share our vision in this project, and that you feel comfortable with us and trust us. Feel free to get in touch at beta@duple.io.

You can also simply sign up to our newsletter and get notified when we launch.

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