We’re two French guys, Greg and Louis, currently developing a business focusing on privacy and simplicity: an app that gives you your full private cloud at home in one click, that you can use to store, backup, sync, share, and access your files from anywhere. We both come from international backgrounds, mainly influenced by France, England, and Spain. We met in Madrid at a party. At the time Greg had already started working on Duple on his own (euphemism to mean that the guy had been hiding in a cave building the technology). I, Louis, joined him on the project. And what a journey it’s been so far. From the struggles of creating the company, the YCombinator episode, going to San Francisco, changing cities and moving to Valencia, meeting all sorts of people helping us advance in our journey.

We left Madrid to move to Valencia at the beginning of 2019. A new experience. And what better environment to launch your startup than in a beautiful city, under the sun, incredible weather, great people, with the sea next door, and delicious food? Good question.

We’re bootstrapping, meaning we’re funding the project ourselves, with our own money (a mix of our savings and part-time jobs). The reason being that we want to keep as much autonomy as possible, have full control over our startup and over which directions we take. The focus will always be on providing a full private experience to you.

That, we promise.

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