A lot of work has been done to develop Duple, and we’re very happy to finally introduce it to you… Finally. What are we doing with Duple?

The idea from the beginning was to provide the ultimate private experience. The technology we’ve developed removes the need for a server: that’s the game changer, and that’s what revolutionises the whole market and allows us eventually to offer you this level of simplicity, flexibility, and privacy.

What is Duple: The Ultimate Private Experience?

The simple explanation: Duple is an app that gives you your own private cloud in one click. You get all the functionalities you need: store, backup, sync, file sharing, access your files from anywhere. No complicated installation. Simple to use. Plug and play.

Plug your USB storage into your internet router. Download the app. And that's it, you've got your own private cloud at home. No need for a server. If you don't want to plug your USB storage into your router, the technology allows you to plug it anywhere (NAS, Raspberry Pi, Smart TV,...), and it will convert into a full private cloud. Just like a cloud, your data is always duplicated on at least two different locations, so you can't lose it. No one has access to your data, except you. It's the full privacy experience. You also know where your data goes. And you choose where you data goes.

Practically speaking, the technology allows you to put your data wherever you want: you just tell the app where you want to store your cloud. For instance, plug your USB storage to your internet router, download the app, and you’ve got your own private cloud. Or maybe you want to use your NAS instead? Or your Raspberry Pi? Works perfectly as well. We’ve built a dropbox without server, just plug any storage and it works. It is able to convert any file storage into a full private cloud, in one click. The idea is to be able to make a cloud without requiring to buy something, and without any complicated installation or configuration needed. Private, and simple.

Technically speaking (for those more curious..), it’s like a dropbox app, but instead of being connected to a server, you can see it as being directly connected to a Duple repository (kind of a git repository, which handles big files). You don’t need a server, there's no complicated installation, you just need a network storage or shared folder.

You can access your cloud anywhere your Duple repository is. No server installation required, just a file access (SFTP, USB, S3, etc…). We removed the need for a server. Plug your storage wherever you want, you just need to access your storage on the network, and you’re connected to your cloud. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more details. You can also check out our FAQs for more technical info.

The project is indeed very ambitious and promising. Our approach will be quite unconventional, and we’ll experiment. Honest, interactive, instructive, and fun. To ensure this, we’ll be completely transparent on how we operate, why we do what we do, how we do what we do, etc.

We’ll regularly add new posts and videos on our blog, where we’ll discuss matters of privacy in the digital world: tips on how to maximise privacy in this crazy modern world of ours where at times it seems so impossible to find. And about Duple in general (e.g. updates) so that you guys can follow our progress and see what we’re up to.

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